A Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako is a group of education and training providers that form around children and young people's learning pathways, and work together to help them achieve their full potential.

The Hauraki Community of Learning / Kāhui Ako is a partnership between twelve schools in the Hauraki Plains and wider area. These schools include: Kaiaua, Kaihere, Kerepehi, Kopuarahi, Mangatangi, Mangatawhiri, Maramarua, Ngatea, Turua, Orere, Waitakauru and Hauraki Plains College.

The purpose of the collaborative partnership is to work together to address learning and achievement challenges across our schools.

The Community of Learning is led by Kerepehi Principal, Mrs Moana Te Moananui and is working on three major goals:

  1. Our students demonstrate the capabilities of a lifelong learner.

  2. We have effective systems in place to support the learning and wellbeing of every student.

  3. We have effective partnerships with our community - whanau, families, manu whenua and iwi.